Goya streaming Nirvana tribute Drain You/D-7

Stoner doom trio Goya dropped their cover of Nirvana’s “Drain You” and “D-7” today through Opoponax Records. Vocalist/guitarist Jeff Owens comments:

Nirvana are a heavy influence on all three of us from our youth. There was a recent article calling Nirvana the most coverable band of all time, due to the simplicity and catchiness of their songs, and there’s certainly something to that. It’s easy to get bogged down with trying to do something ‘different,’ or worrying that the notes you’re playing are too ‘predictable,’ but we feel it’s important to listen to that inner voice telling you that the next note is obvious. Despite what some would have you believe, there’s nothing wrong with standard chord progressions, and that is one of the greatest strengths of Nirvana. Sometimes, a song writes itself, and there’s no reason to fight it or twist it. We all still consider ourselves fans of Nirvana, and we are all fans of basic chord progressions and a more punk approach to writing music, so it’s been a lot of fun for us putting this release together and playing these songs live, and we hope that that comes through in listening to them. And who knows? Maybe it will even have some sort of influence on our writing process as a three-piece in the future.”

The two-track effort is now available for streaming/digital purchase below via the Bandcamp player.


[via The Obelisk]