Gold Key debut video for new track “Kerosene”

Band: Gold Key
Song: “Kerosene”
Album: Hello, Phantom
Release Date: October 27th, 2017
Label: VENN Records

Vocalist Steve Sears said:

‘Kerosene’ is about isolation and feeling as though you have nothing in common with the people that surround you. It is a seriously unhealthy mindframe to have and I think the song addresses that too. It is much easier to isolate yourself from the real world than to face it and contribute something meaningful to it. It’s a dangerous spiral to start heading down. The video features my two favourite things – Space, and not having to appear in a music video.”

Guitarist Laurent Barnard adds:

“Our buddy Rusty made the first two Gold Key videos. For ‘Kerosene’ we wanted something a bit more unconventional. Rusty came up with the idea of this Ridley Scott inspired space theme. The lyrics bring to mind a sense of isolation and what’s more isolating than orbiting your home planet on your own”


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