Gloria Morti unveil “Executioner” music video; full stream of Kuebiko also available

Finnish death dealers Gloria Morti have a new music video out for their track “Executioner”; check it out below courtesy of Revolver. Guitarist Juho Räihä comments:

‘Executioner’ is a song about the dualism of doing something that has a negative net effect in the world. Good and bad are just our evaluations of a deed from our perspective. A terrorist, for instance, sees his acts as divinely mandated and inherently good, while the rest of the world sees the same act as evil. It all comes down to perspective and thus enables people to do evil things. This point is wrapped up in a story about an executioner who is just following orders, and thus doesn’t do bad from his own perspective. All atrocities are done with ‘good intentions.'”

Drummer Kauko Kuusisalo adds:

‘Executioner’ is definitely the most epic song on the album together with the final track. Once again, guitar melodies play a significant role in the song and there’s actually a solo which is not that common for us. After the intro, the song starts to roll really smoothly until the ‘grand finale,’ the final riff/part of the song, which in my opinion is one of the greatest moments in Gloria Morti history.”

Valtteri Hirvonen and OneManArmy filmed the video at Deep Noise Studios, with production and editing handled by OneManArmy .

“Executioner” is taken from the band’s new full-length Kuebiko, which is out now through Willowtip Records. A full-album stream is available through label’s Bandcamp and can be heard below. Purchases of the album can also be made through the player.

Gloria Morti 1