Gloria Morti premiere new track “The Foul Stench Of Vomiting Blood”

Finnish death legion Gloria Morti have debuted a new track with what is possibly the most pleasant title I’ve ever read, “The Foul Stench Of Vomiting Blood”. Guitarist Juho Räihä said of it:

‘The Foul Stench of Vomiting Blood’ is a song about a murderer who acknowledges the fact that the human mind festers with impure and evil thoughts. The only sane thing to do in an insane world is to kill everyone who is responsible for more bad things than good things. That’s everyone, by the way. Whilst taking on the role of purifier of the world, the hero of the story plummets into his own desires by the sheer fact of surrounding himself with these thoughts, the moral of the story being that man is an animal and to be truly enlightened and ‘pure’ you’d have to be dead.”

The song appears on the band’s forthcoming full-length Kuebiko, which is slated to hit stores March 18th on Willowtip Records. Pre-orders are now available and can be picked up at the label’s Bandcamp.

[via No Clean Singing]