Gideon premiere video for new song “Cursed” feat. Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris

Gideon have released a music video for a new track titled “Cursed”. The song features a guest spot by Knocked Loose frontman Bryan Garris. Drummer Jake Smelley said of it:

“This song is about bad luck. We went through a streak where it literally felt like everything we did went wrong, and anyone we came into contact with experienced bad thing. We had a van get robbed at our guitarist [Tyler Riley’s] house, and we had a van also get robbed at our singer [Daniel McWhorter’s] house, and at the same time tons of things were going wrong in our personal lives.

Then we went on tour, and we had about $8,000 worth of stuff stolen from us in California, and in the same week we headed into Canada and totaled our van! When all of that happens, you feel like a black cat, in a way, and you almost don’t want to be around anyone in case it rubs off on them, too.”

The Alabama hardcore outfit’s new record Cold is scheduled for release on May 12th through Equal Vision. Physical copies are available for purchase now on MerchNOW and digitally here.

[via Alternative Press]