Gears – “End This” music video

Gears’ music video for their track “End This” is now live and can be viewed above. Drummer Jimmy Wooten comments:

“People have strong opinions and beliefs regarding violence in our streets, more specifically concentrated around Police brutality. ‘End This’ lyrically, is a look into both sides of it, the Police that we put our trust in to make difficult decisions in a split second and the victims of the brutality, who could be on either side. In the middle, we have the media. Depending on which media source you’re getting your news from, will decide which political agenda you’re being fed. We need to stop letting the media influence us to perpetuate the war of any racial or political agenda. Simply put, we need to END THIS.”

The song appears on the group’s latest outing the Pride Comes Before The Fall EP. Copies are available on iTunes.

[via Metal Underground]