Funeral For A Friend announce U.S. release of Chapter And Verse

Funeral For A Friend have revealed that their upcoming release Chapter And Verse will be released on January 27th in the U.S. on Distiller Records. You can read the press release below for more on the effort.

Official press release:

“Funeral For A Friend have announced that their seventh studio album will be released in the US on January 27th via Distiller Records. The band recently released a music video for single ‘1%’ and have also released the track ‘You’ve Got A Bad Case of The Religions’ from the forthcoming album as a taste of what’s to come. Check out the music video for ‘1%’ here.

Chapter and Verse is a classic Funeral For A Friend effort in the spectacular way it melds gruff attitude with melodic choruses, but it also happens to be one of the most sonically diverse and most hard-hitting records the band has ever made. It is a raw and energetic effort that propels the band to a whole new level, whilst simultaneously raising the bar for everyone else.

Funeral For A Friend is one of the last remaining bastions of the British hardcore scene that exploded into the mainstream at the turn of the century. Bursting out of the UK in 2001, Funeral For A Friend were hailed as the saviors of rock music from a young age and given the task of re-energizing a scene in desperate need of fresh blood. They are veterans, in many ways, but fourteen years after their formation and the band still packs as much punch and purpose as they started with, if not more.

Flitting frantically between relentless blast beats and heavy, discordant riffs to the kind of guitar lines you would tend to expect from Midwestern bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Chapter and Verse is yet another statement that says Funeral For A Friend is not a band that can be placed in a box as easily as some would assume. Opening with vocalist Matthew Davies-Kreye’s personalized off the hinges screaming, one of Chapter and Verse’s defining features is the unapologetic political lyrical content. From wealth inequality to feminism, the lyrics are a far cry from the band’s early material and display a sense of growth that can only come from experience.”