Full Scale Riot enter the studio to record self-titled album

Full Scale Riot 1

Official press release:

Recently signed to Eulogy Recordings, Full Scale Riot is currently set-up at famed New Jersey-based Trax East Recording Studio (Misfits, Turmoil, Hatebreed) laying down the tracks for their impending self-titled debut album. The band will finalize the recordings in the coming days and put the final touches on the album for a September release. Full Scale Riot is also slated to feature a guest guitar contribution from Mark Rizzo of Soulfly.

Issues Full Scale Riot from the studio this week:

“The music on this album is somewhat different from the Depopulation EP, so we decided to go a different route as far as recording goes, recording everything to two-inch tape then bouncing it through ProTools. We’ve also done a few other things to try to capture our live sound. While the new material has a very old-school hardcore/crossover feel, we’re shaping the forthcoming direction of the band’s sound.”

Stand by for studio footage, a final September street dates, cover art, audio samples, and more from Full Scale Riot’s first release for Eulogy Recordings in the coming weeks.