First Fragment announce debut full-length Dasein; teaser video available

First Fragment 1

Official press release:

Canadian neoclassical-influenced technical death metal unit, First Fragment, will release their long-anticipated debut full-length, Dasein, on May 20th via Unique Leader Records.

Captured at Humanoise Studios with Mathieu Marcotte (Augury, Humanoid) and mixed by Hugues Deslauriers (Augury, Defilementory, Vengeful etc.), the eleven track long player features guest appearances from current and former members of Spawn Of Possession, Obscura, Augury, Inferi, and Elderoth, artwork by Sam Nelson (Incandescence, Wayfarer, Stoic Dissention) and boasts a fierce mix of over-the-top drum tirades, complex neoclassical-influenced guitar work, endless solos, Flamenco and clean guitar passages, proggy death metal bass work and a highly varied dual vocal approach.

Relays First Fragment guitarist/vocalist Phil Tougas of Dasein:

“While a lot of the material on this record dates back to between six and eleven years, it is still very fresh sounding. It’s an unrelenting and over-the-top album, yet at the same time most of it remains catchy enough to stick in your head. Dasein should satisfy most people into the newer wave of extreme technical metal, but the exaggerated amount neoclassical metal/flamenco influences and non-stop guitar/bass soloing alone should please power metal fans as well.”

View the teaser video below:

Dasein track listing:

1. “Le Serment De Tsion”
2. “Dasein”
3. “L’entité”
4. “Émergence”
5. “Mordêtre Et Dénaissance”
6. “Prélude En Sol Dièse Mineur”
7. “Archétype”
8. “Gula”
9. “Voracité (Apothéose, Partie 1)”
10. “Psychan (Apothéose, Partie 2)”
11. “Evhron”

First Fragment 2

First Fragment recording lineup:

Vincent Savary – bass
David AB – lead vocals
Troy Fullerton (Severed Savior) – drums
Phil Tougas – guitar, vocals, all solos
Gabriel Brault-Pilon – guitar

First Fragment current lineup:

Vincent Savary – bass
David AB – lead vocals
Samuel Santiago – drums
Phil Tougas – guitar, vocals, all solos
Gabriel Brault-Pilon – guitar

Guest Musicians:

Christian Muenzner (Spawn Of Possession, Alkaloid, ex-Necrophagist/ex-Obscura)
Mathieu Marcotte (Augury, Humanoid)
Malcolm Pugh (Inferi, A Loathing Requiem, Diskreet)
Collin Mcgee (Elderoth)