First Blood streaming new song “These Are The Rules”

Another new First Blood song, titled “These Are The Rules” has debuted online and can be heard below. Vocalist Carl Schwartz says of the track:

“This song serves as a ‘preamble’ for the concept of this album. Rules. Who sets the rules? What rules? Why should we care? Well, these are the rules that control nearly every aspect of our lives. We serve. We sacrifice. We corrupt. We pollute. We hate. We torture. We oppress. And we kill. But it’s okay, because positions of power say it’s okay. Public opinion (or lack thereof) says it’s okay. Laws of the state say it’s okay. Accept these terms and everything will be okay. Dare to question them and you will pay. These are the rules… This is reality. Some things we might never change, but at the very least I say, “Don’t stop fighting for what you believe if you’re to rise up from this hate.”

The group’s third studio effort, Rules, is due in stores on February 10th through Pure Noise Records. Head over to MerchNOW or iTunes to reserve your copy today.

[via Upset Magazine]