Feverwar premiere “Bullshit” video

Ohio thrashers Feverwar have a new video out for their track “Bullshit”. Vocalist Nicholous Thomas said of the track:

“With this song, our idea behind putting it out was little different this time. We’re not worried about writing a catchy melody, or hopefully ‘charting’ or something silly. We just wanted to write a quick and angry jam based on how we feel about the world and it’s current state. That’s nothing new, nothing original, but it’s something we wanted to express. The current state of politics are a joke, amongst many other things. So I felt the need to yell about it, tell em’ to fuck off and call out the bullshit for the moment.”

The new single is the group’s first new output since the release of the Bible & Sword EP, which is available for purchase on iTunes.

[via New Noise Magazine]