Felix Martin – “Flashback” music video

Felix Martin recently released a music video for a new track off his new album Mechanical Nations titled “Flashback”. He said of the song:

“I wanted this song to sound like thunder, fast cars, flashes… really fast stuff, that sort of thing. The idea came to me after a really stressful day in Los Angeles. All of the traffic congestion and warm weather, and then the relief I felt when I got home. I wrote almost the whole song right as I returned home that day. For this video, we wanted to have the band play around bright lights and flashes, as it reflects the mood of the track.

Musically, I wanted to have a really heavy sounding guitar without using distortion. The whole thing is played using chords with percussion, always keeping a groove going and clean tones with flashy delays. This song is very band-based, where we are all playing the same thing, as we were all part of a rhythm section.”

Martin‘s new record is due in stores this Friday, February 24th. Pre-orders are available at his webstore, on iTunes, and Amazon.

[via Billboard]