Featured Artists: Crimson Day – “My Last Rites” and Rising Steel – “Dead Or Alive” music videos


I was writing up a post for another music video and YouTube did that thing where it just autoplays the next video. Sometimes it sucks but other times it totally pays off. Today it was a double-whammy of awesome, because the video that popped up was for Tampere/Nokia, Finland heavy metal outfit Crimson Day. The song is titled “My Last Rites” and it absolutely rips. Don’t take my word for it, just hit play and brace yourselves for some classic, epic metal.


The clip that followed was by French heavy metal quintet Rising Steel for their song “Dead Or Alive”. The Judas Priest, Iron Maiden worship is definitely apparent. Pounding rhythm, sweet melodies, and a killer solo make for a good metal track. As is stated on the group’s website, “Heavy metal is the Law!” The song is taken from the group’s upcoming full-length Return Of The Warlord, out November 18th through Mighty Music.

The spirit of the NWOBHM is alive and well in these two outfits. If that genre of metal is your cup of tea, then these guys are for you.