Featured artist: (U) The Band

(U) The Band (also known simply as (U)) was recently mentioned in a tour announcement for their upcoming run with Like Animals. If you’ve never heard of the band, or maybe you’ve heard of them but haven’t listened to their music, here’s your chance to take in a musically diverse band. Streaming below is the outfit’s 2014 full-length We Are (U), a record that is prog at times and straightforward rock at others. Following the player to the Bandcamp page – or checking out their Facebook – you will find that they tag themselves as progressive, punk, and avant-garde. Those are all accurate labels if you ask me, but why bother yourself with trying to figure out whether or not this is something you might like by simply reading a label. Hit the play button and determine whether you can get into them by sampling the record. If you like what you hear then I encourage you to attend the aforementioned tour and give these guys some support.

U The Band 1