Featured artist: Evig Natt – self-titled stream & “Stille Før Stormen” video

Evig Natt 1

It’s been a while since there’s been a featured artist so I figured it was time to showcase another artist/group. Today we have Norway’s Evig Natt, a symphonic doom/death band that includes former members of Enslaved, Einherjer, and Thundra. The outfit features two vocalists: Kristen Jørgensen provides the clean vocals, a complete contrast but perfect complement to bassist/vocalist Stein Roger Sund (ex-Einherjer, ex-Thundra). The music is more doom than death and features a strong melodic/symphonic presence that is enchanting.

The band recently released their self-titled album, which you can stream/purchase below via Bandcamp. The outfit’s latest music video for their single “Stille Før Stormen”, which translates to “calm before the storm”, can also be viewed below. Additional merch is available at this location.

Vocals – Kirsten Jørgensen
Vocals/bass – Stein Roger Sund (ex-Einherjer, ex-Thundra)
Guitar – Ruben Osnes
Drums – Harald Magne Revheim (ex-Enslaved, ex-Thundra)
Guitar – Arne Marton Tangjerd

Evig Natt 2

Photo by: Jørgen Freim
Photo artwork by: Monica Frivoll Sund