Fatherson issue “Charm School” music video

Band: Fatherson
Song: “Charm School”
Album: Sum Of All Your Parts
Release Date: September 14th, 2018
Label: Easy Life Records

The group commented on the clip:

“The video for ‘Charm School’ is part of a series of music videos and a live session that we shot in one location to accompany our new album Sum Of All Your Parts. We felt it was important to create a cohesive world that encompassed everything we wanted to say. The video for Charm School bridges the gap between the lyrical content of the song and visually linking this space to the album’s artwork, particularly the last shot.

When we recorded the album with New York-based producer Claudius Mittendorfer (Weezer, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol) we wanted to make an album that sounded live. We took inspiration from fans telling us how much energy atmosphere there is at our live shows – so tracked the bones of the album live and in track order, all in one studio. This really coloured the album, and is great to be visually represented by the videos also all taking place in one space.”


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