F.K.Ü. ink deal with Despotz Records

Official press release:

Inspired by 80’s thrash bands and horror movies, coupled with old issues of Metal Forces and cheap beer, the mighty horror metal machine F.K.Ü. has just signed with Despotz Records and are currently working on an album to be released in late fall.

The band says:

“As we prepare to enter the next stage of our ongoing battle for total dominance, we have formed a new alliance to assist us in forcing the world to succumb to horror and metal. We are proud to announce that Despotz Records will be releasing our albums in the future. They are a force to be reckoned with and will take no prisoners. And make no mistake, F.K.Ü. will be back with another horror metal attack late this fall.”

Throughout their three decade long career F.K.Ü. has shown the world that it’s possible to have good, friendly, violent fun on your way to the nearest mosh pit.

Despotz Records partner, Omer Akay says:

“We give you horror Thrash Metal’s finest, F.K.Ü. The band celebrates it’s 30th anniversary this year, and we’re honoured to present their fifth album to the world this fall. Mosh til u drop!!”