Eye Of Nix release tour diary

Avant metal outfit Eye Of Nix have released a tour diary on their first-ever East Coast tour. You can read about their adventures on the road last month over at CVLT Nation. The trek included an appearance at this year’s Prophecy Fest at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, New York. An excerpt of the diary can be found below:

November 1st, 2018

Onward to play the Chanticleer in Ithaca, a college town buried in the farmlands of upstate New York. Not one major highway connects this college town but at least one road on a tour like this must lead to a noise guy using a contact mic. Nothing puts driving 8 hours into perspective like a noise opener…an enjoyable calm before the amplifier-worshipping sludge storm.

Luke: This show was a culmination of a lot of work by Jason Eldridge, whom I met in Seattle when my other band Spacebag played a show with Escuela who was on tour. Barely knowing me, he really went out of his way to make this show happen. Tonight was more about the thunder than the lightning and that’s exactly what we got from Buffalo’s Settlement, followed by Jason’s band, Hearse (Formerly Monolith). It was a weapons training course in sludge mastery.

Joy: We are truly grateful for the effort Jason and his bandmates put forth bringing in a PA (to a 2nd floor space above a bar) and lending us equipment. Enthusiastic crowd and intense appreciation all around!”

Eye Of Nix recently reissued their latest full-length Black Somnia through their new label home Prophecy Productions. You can purchase a copy on digipak CD and vinyl at the label’s webstore.