Exodus premiere lyric video of title track of Blood In, Blood Out

Above you can check out a lyric video for the title track from Exodus’ upcoming Blood In, Blood Out. Guitarist Gary Holt had the following to say about the new track:

“Time to let a fast one outta the bag! Check out this advance preview of the title track Blood In, Blood Out and get another taste of our upcoming new record! Fast raging thrash! One of many in the new disc! Bay Area sickness to slap you upside your face!”

As if I wasn’t excited enough already! This album continues to look like it’s going to deliver. I’m looking forward to it even more and certainly am getting more anxious to see the band on tour with Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies later this year.

Blood In Blood Oout will be released via Nuclear Blast and hits stores on October 10th in Europe, 13th in the UK, and 14th in the US.