Evenline release “Straitjacket” video


French hard rock outfit Evenline‘s music video for their track “Straitjacket” recently made its online debut. Vocalist Arnaud Gueziec said of filming the video:

“The video was shot in a psychiatric hospital, and we had very little time to make it happen because we had no authorization to shoot there! At first, we wanted to shoot scenes during the day and night for contrast, but we had to escape from the police in the middle of the afternoon!”

“Straitjacket” appears on the group’s forthcoming sophomore full-length In Tenebris, due January 13th via Dooweet Agency in North American and January 20th from Sony Music France. The effort was produced by Jean-Francois Di Rienzo at The Office/The Artist Studio in Paris, France. A behind-the-scenes video of Evenline recording drums can be found below. Gueziec said of the album:

“Over time, we wanted to unveil another musical and artistic approach. Darker and deeper than our first album, In Tenebris contains lyrics that reflect that darkness, dealing with affective aspects of daily relationships and our own imaginary world we’ve developed with each album. ‘Straitjacket’ is our first music video from this album and the track perfectly creates a bridge between our previous album and In Tenebris. This particular song talks about people’s duality and choices they have to do day after day, and how each choice can change your whole life.”

Pre-orders for In Tenebris can be found at Findie Merch and iTunes.

In Tenebris track listing:

1. “All Against Me”
2. “Straitjacket”
3. “Silene Capensis”
4. “Echoes Of Silence”
5. “Sometimes We Die”
6. “Broken Promises”
7. “Never There”
8. “Deeper Underground”
9. “From The Ashes”
10. “Wasted Years”