Etherius isue drum playthrough for “The Inevitable End”

Band: Etherius
Song: “The Inevitable End”
Album: Thread Of Life EP
Release Date: August 24th, 2018

Drummer/producer Zaki Ali said:

“With ‘The Inevitable End’ being the fastest song on this record, there was a pretty specific approach to the double bass in regards to how some of the parts lie. It’s mostly played as double strokes throughout the song because of the tempo. There’s a section with nine stroke rolls on the kick, which I played as rrllrrllr for each group of nine. Just like with hands, it really comes down to assigning specific combinations of patterns according to the amount of rest space in between the hits. That allows playing that perfectly in time to be physically possible. So, while there’s little room to stray from the compositions within this music, there’s also the drum solo section in the middle of the song which is ultimately an improvised studio take using a combination of singles, paradiddles, and paradiddlediddles. Before tracking the record, I had somewhat of a sense of the direction I was going for, but after recording it, I sat down and just learned what I did on the record hit for hit.”


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  • [via Drum Magazine]