Eschaton detail forthcoming release Sentinal Apocalypse

Unique Leader Records newcomers Eschaton have detailed their forthcoming release Sentinel Apocalypse. Above you can check out a teaser of the album and below you will find the track listing along with the cover art for the record. The album is scheduled for release on May 19th through Unique Leader, additional teaser track and pre-orders will be available shortly.

Sentinel Apocalypse track listing:

1. “Obligatory Conviction”
2. “Behold The Nexus”
3. “Immortal Mutilation”
4. “Achromatic Reign”
5. “Animus”
6. “Falsified Existence”
7. “Intergalactic Annihilation”
8. “The Beast Is Embedded”
9. “The Beast Is Awakened”
10. “Cognitive Hatred”
11. “Sentinel Apocalypse”