Escape The Fate premiere “Do You Love Me” lyric video

Band: Escape The Fate
Song: “Do You Love Me”
Album: I Am Human
Produced by: Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, Adam Lambert)
Release Date: February 16th, 2018
Label: Better Noise Records/Eleven Seven Music

Frontman Craig Mabbit said of the new record:

“We’re getting older, and we’re changing—so our music should change with us. At the same time, we rediscovered what made us who we are. I felt like I was 17-years-old again. I haven’t been this excited to release something since I first joined the band and we put out This War Is Ours.”


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  • I Am Human track listing:

    1. “Beautifully Tragic”
    2. “Broken Heart”
    3. “Four Letter Word”
    4. “I Will Make It Up To You”
    5. “Bleed For Me”
    6. “Do You Love Me”
    7. “I Am Human”
    8. “If Only”
    9. “Empire”
    10. “Recipe For Disaster”
    11. “Riot”
    12. “Digging My Own Grave”
    13. “Resistence”
    14. “Let Me Be”