Eric Peterson launches video series for new Dragonlord record

Dragonlord mastermind Eric Peterson (Testament) has debuted the first episode of the three-part “The Making Of Dominion video series. The clip details the band’s growth since their previous release, 2005’s Black Wings Of Destiny, as well as the writing process for the group’s upcoming full-length Dominion. . The clip also highlights the individual musicians contributing to the record. In the video Peterson says:

“Right around 2010, Lyle (Livingston, keys/piano) and I were talking about maybe doing another Dragonlord record… I contacted [our producer] Juan… he’s like dude I have the perfect drummer for you too… his name is Alex Bent. He ended up coming over, we jammed on some older Dragonlord songs… he had this really cool groove and right there and then I knew. This is probably the best sounding drum record that we’ve put out.

Leah and I go way back. She had invited me to do some vocals on one of her records and we talked about maybe doing more stuff together. We ended up doing a Christmas song together called ‘Winter Sun’. We got a lot of responses from it and people wanted us to do a whole record that sounded like that. So, after hearing the [Dragonlord] record… we thought it would be really awesome to have a real voice interpret what Lyle had done on the choirs. Right then I was like, Leah’s got to come here and do that. She really nailed it. I’m super happy with the way it came out.”

Dominion is scheduled to hit stores on September 21st via Spinefarm Records. Pre-orders are available now here (physical) and here (digital).