Enthroned premiere full stream of Cold Black Suns

Band: Enthroned
Album: Cold Black Suns
Release Date: June 7th, 2019
Label: Season Of Mist

Enthroned said of the effort:

“Condemned again to channel the darkness into a sonic trip, Enthroned are back with their most reckless album: Cold Black Suns. An ode to the arcane of cosmic matter and what holds historical certainty, our vision exalts the manifestation of physical forces within the world’s cultural heritage and its direct relation to the occult.”


Cold Black Suns track listing:

  1. “Ophiusa”
  2. “Hosanna Satana”
  3. “Oneiros”
  4. “Vapula Omega”
  5. “Silent Redemption”
  6. “Aghoria”
  7. “Beyond Humane Greed”
  8. “Smoking Mirror”
  9. “Son of Man”

[via New Noise Magazine]