Ensiferum release track by track commentary of One Man Army

Ensiferum 1

Ensiferum have released a breakdown of the songs on their latest release, One Man Army, via Revolver. Guitarist/vocalist Markus Toivonen and bassist/vocalist Sami Hinkka offered:

1. “March Of War”

Markus Toivonen: These folk themes and sounds bring a great atmosphere for the marching battalion.

2. “Axe of Judgement”

Markus Toivonen: It’s a very aggressive song with thrash/death-metal elements. It has some dramatic orchestrations and choirs and a great sing-along moment.

Sami Hinkka: It is said that, “revenge is a dangerous motive” but for some, it’s the only reason to go on.

3. “Heathen Horde”

Markus Toivonen: This is a mid-tempo song fulfilled with folkish and catchy melodies and a sing-along chorus. Heri Joensen from Tyr is doing the ancient Norwegian speech on the bridge part.

Sami Hinkka: Sometimes we all need our brothers to fulfill what needs to be done…

4. “One Man Army”

Markus Toivonen: This is the most thrash-metal oriented song on this album with great guitar riffs. There’s also music video available.

Sami Hinkka: …but it’s also crucial for every man to be able to stand on their own feet.

5. “Burden of the Fallen/Warrior Without a War”

Markus Toivonen: It’s a pretty simple and not too long, but still epic and bombastic with great “Viking” style tunes. Personally, I think it has one of the best melodies we’ve ever made.

Sami Hinkka: To grow is to learn how to let go.

6. “Cry for the Earth Bounds”

Markus Toivonen: It’s one of the most artistic and appropriately different songs on this album. There are some familiar moments and a strong guitar riff, but there are also some experimental parts included. It has also great orchestrations and choirs.

Sami Hinkka: Even the last man standing will perish…

7. “Two of Spades”

Markus Toivonen: Every good album has a beer drinking song. This one has huge drive and it’s punk/rock/disco/crazy/folk influenced one! No orchestrations or choirs, just pure rock ’n’ roll!

Sami Hinkka: Rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle to the max!

8. “My Ancestors’ Blood”

Markus Toivonen: This is the first part for the two-piece song, which is the third part for the Heathen Throne saga. It’s a great “starter” for this epic madness.

Sami Hinkka: Respect your roots…

9. “Descendants, Defiance, Domination”

Markus Toivonen: Once you go epic, you cannot stop. This second part of two-piece song Heathen Throne Part III is one of the most epic songs during the history of Ensiferum. It has the most bombastic chorus and all other things what you need when listening to melodic heavy-metal with some progressive touch!

Sami Hinkka: …and do your best for generations to come.

10. “Neito Pohjolan”

Markus Toivonen: “Neito Pohjolan” is a Finnish-style “schlager” (“Finnish country”) song. We were lucky to have Netta Skog (ex-Turisas) for vocals and for accordion. She did a super great job! If you don’t like it, go home!

Sami Hinkka: Even the toughest wanderer can feel homesick every now and then.

The band will be kicking off their North American tour with Korpiklaani and Trollfest next week. You can find the dates here.