Eidola premiere video for new track “Tetelestai”

Progressive post-hardcore Eidola have debuted the music video for their new track “Tetelestai”. The band shares:

“The word tetelestai means ‘it is finished,’ and was historically used to signify the payment of a debt. In this case the song lyrically explores two meanings, the payment of a personal debt owed to another person, and the payment or consolidation of the conceptualized ‘greatest debt’ of human sin. With Matt and I being raised in different faiths our idea was to facilitate an honest dialogue throughout the lyrics.”

The song is off the group’s forthcoming studio album To Speak, To Listen, out June 2nd on Blue Swan Records. Previously released single “Amplissimus Machina”, which features a guest spot by Joey Lancaster, is also embedded below following the track listing and cover art. Pre-orders of the album are available now on MerchNOW and iTunes. The group will hit the road later this month with Hail The Sun, Capsize, and Limbs on this U.S. tour.

To Speak, To Listen track listing:

1. “The Abstract Of A Planet In Resolve”
2. “Tetelestai”
3. “Primitive Econimics”
4. “Querents”
5. “Amplissimus Machina”
6. “Loti”
7. “Dendrochronology”
8. “The Familiar”
9. “Houses Movement III: Rust/Rebuild”
10. “Sri Vishnu Yantra”
11. “Transcendentium Part I: Zoroastrian”
12. “Transcendentium Part II: Fourth Temple”

[via Alternative Press]