Edge Of Paradise release “Alive” music video

Edge Of Paradise‘s video for the title track of their upcoming EP Alive is now streaming online. Frontwoman Margarita Monet says:

“This song is extremely contagious, with the heavy hitting/ industrial beat, and a chorus that’ll get your blood pumping!

ALIVE is dealing with us humans being so caught up in the digital world, obsessed with convenience and monetary gain, we have begun to sacrifice our humanity. We are becoming corporate led consumer machines! We get lost in the enticing virtual reality that we forget what real human interaction feels like. Sometimes I want to break away from bombardment of advertisements, social standards, never ending race with time and just breathe, and remember what it’s like to feel alive! To connect with our fellow humans and the world!”

The Alive EP was produced by Chuck Johnson (KoRn, Slipknot) and mixed by Jay Ruston (Anthrax, Pop Evil), Mike Plotnikoff, and Michael Wagener. Alive EP is due in stores on March 10th through ILS/Universal. The single is available for pre-order now on iTunes.

Alive EP track listing:

1. “Alive”
2. “Dust To Dust”
3. “Mystery”
4. “Shade Of Crazy”
5. “Humanoid”

Tour dates:

4/21 – Simpsonville SC | Soundbox
4/22 – Fayetteville NC | Drunk Horse
9/23 – Eindhoven, NL | Female Metal Event

[via Metal Underground]