Echtra to release new album BardO later this month

Official press release:

Olympia, Washington based drone/black metal project Echtra will release a new album titled, BardO, on November 23rd with Temple of Torturous Records. Comprised of two 23 minute songs, BardO will be released as an LP Vinyl record with a live DVD, and is now available for pre-order in oxblood and black.

Echtra’s BardO is the second installment of the “Passage Cycle”, a tripartite exploration of the transmission of one’s essence between lifetimes; this 2nd Chapter focuses on the interstitial space between death and rebirth. Inspired by the Vajrayana’s experiential identification of this liminal sphere as the place of reckoning, a phantasmagoria facilitative of the full ripening of one’s karmic imprints, Echtra crafts an aural ode to the soul’s journey through the in-between.

The unique sonic realm that Echtra has traveled within on recent offerings is recapitulated here: ever-present acoustic guitars lay the foundation for contemplation, with arpeggios droning, facilitating the loosening of rationality. Murky, indistinct electric guitars travel spidery trails, interweaving and diverging to speak an arcane language of grief, confusion, and triumph. Keyboards, electronic drums, and sparsely delivered vocals give texture and depth to the proceedings, whispering the futility of materialistic interpretations for understanding. The familiar terrain of the doom and black metals is traveled again, with the emphasis on the utilization of these sonorous forms for the immersion of consciousness in Truth. A way is opened toward transcendent incursions of otherness into the flow of habitual, reified egoism, crafting a ladder for the soul’s escape from the drudgery of the gray.

BardO was written in the long ago of Litha MMVIII. It was given to the dark at a performance within the womb of Orbis Nex on July 19th, 2008, in which Echtra was joined by Heron. The video footage from this performance has been licensed for this release from Adam Collins-Torruella. The audio was mastered by Brad Boatright at AudioSiege near Litha MMXIV. Cover art was created by Tashi Mannox, and other graphic elements designed by Marisa Ware. Temple of Torturous offers it now, over ten years later, for the benefit of all beings: may all be free.