Dreamshade premiere new song “Up All Night”

Dreamshade has debuted a new track titled “Up All Night”. Guitarist/vocalist Fernando “Fella” Di Cicco said of the new single:

“This is the last song we’ve written for this record and when we entered the studio we had no idea about how the vocals and lyrics would have been on this one so we decided to record it at the end of the session. By the time we recorded all the other songs, we were so damn tired—we had been in the studio day and night for 10 weeks—we decided that this song should be about our life in the studio and how hard we’ve been working to get to a point where we feel satisfied and complete. This song is for all those people who keep pursuing their passions no matter what. Those who give everything to get where they wanna be.

This album has been a three-year journey of writing sessions, pre-productions and then recording, We had many different ideas about the title but this time we wanted someone else to define our music. So we had the idea to go and see what our fans identify our songs with. I saw the word ‘vibrant’ appearing so often and instantly thought that would be the one. One simple word to represent this new chapter of the band. This record is blend of energy, melodies and emotions. We’ve put our stories into lyrics and poured our hearts into this Can’t wait to see how many people can relate to the songs of Vibrant!”

Artery Recordings will be releasing the group’s new full-length Vibrant on December 9th. Pre-orders are now available on MerchNOW, iTunes, and Google Play.

Vibrant track listing:

1. “Autumn Leaves”
2. “Where My Heart Belongs”
3. “It’s Over”
4. “Don’t Wanna Go”
5. “Dreamers Don’t Sleep”
6. “The World In My Hands”
7. “Up All Night”
8. “Losing Touch”
9. “Another Me, Another You”
10. “Oceantides”
11. “Sleep Alone”
12. “Father”


[via Revolver]