Dreaming Awake stream new album Friction Lives

Arizona metalcore foursome Dreaming Awake‘s new record Friction Lives is now streaming in its entirety online, listen below. Vocalist Vaughn Bell said:

“We’ve put the last two years of our lives into making this album what’s it come to be, and we’re so excited to be able finally get it out there, and essentially experience the album together with our fans.”

The effort is out now on Imminence Records and available for purchase from MerchNOW, iTunes, Google Play, and Bandcamp.

Friction Lives track listing:

1. “It Lives”
2. “Friction”
(feat. Jeremy Gilmore)
3. “The Revenge Of Regina George”
4. “Acta Non Verba”
(feat Dillon Jones)
5. “Devil Skin”
6. “Empty Avenues Lead To Bad News”
7. “Support Group”
8. “There’s Something In The Air”
9. “This World Ain’t Big Enough”
10. “Tranquility Lane”
11. “Smooth Or Not, Diamonds Still Scratch”