Dreadnought announce new effort A Wake In Sacred Waves, premiere new song “Within Chanting Waters”

Photo by: Travis Heacock

Official press release:

Dreadnought, the Denver-based, co-ed foursome whose sophomore album, Bridging Realms, was featured on a variety of year end lists in 2015, return with A Wake In Sacred Waves on Oct. 6 via Sailor Records. Decibel Magazine shares the first new music from the four-song, 51-minute album, streaming new song, “Within Chanting Waters”:

Singer/guitar player/flautist Kelly Schilling explains:

“Each album is loosely based on an element. Lifewoven was earth, Bridging Realms was ether, and this is our water album. You could think of them like Zelda temples. We wanted to make this a little bit darker and heavier because we were going through heavier parts of our lives. This record tells a story about the process of life and death. A sea creature evolves into an apex predator, takes over everything, and then falls from grace. It mirrors humanity’s own existential struggle.”

The band, which features drummer/saxophone player Jordan Clancy, bass player Kevin Handlon and singer/keyboard player Lauren Vieira, recorded the album at The Boar’s Nest (Salt Lake City) with SubRosa’s Andy Patterson recording and mixing the collection.