Dödsrit join the Prosthetic Records roster; detail new album Spirit Crusher, new track “Aura” streaming

Official press release:

Prosthetic Records have signed Swedish’s Dödsrit, the recording project from sole member, Christoffer Öster. Öster was the main songwriter and driving force for Sweden’s crust punk, d-beat, screamo, atmospheric, sludge, etc. cult group, Totem Skin. With Dödsrit, Öster doesn’t take on as many styles, maybe limiting it to black metal, crust, d-beat and post metal, though as evident on Spirit Crusher, Öster’s second album as Dödsrit due out September 28th, he’s found the perfect balance to meld and create a staggering opus.

Öster comments on the signing:

“I was blown away when Prosthetic contacted me, had to read the message twice to actually believe it. With so many heavy titles under their belt, it kind of feels unreal to be a part of it.”

“Aura”, the first track off Spirit Crusher, is streaming right now at Metal Hammer UK and can be heard here:

Pre-orders for Spirit Crusher are available now at this location.

Spirit Crusher track listing:

1. “Aura”
2. “Ändlösa Ådror”
3. “A drowning Voice”
4. “Spirit Crusher”