Dino Cazares says new Fear Factory material falls between Demanufacture and Obsolete

Fear Factory’s Burton C. Bell and Dino Cazares recently did interviews with Silver Tiger Media where they discussed the band’s forthcoming album. In his interview Bell commented on the album saying:

“Ah yeah, we are still working on it, longer than expected, but, you know its classic Fear Factory sound, the sound that fans have always expected, but I think because we are taking our time the songs are really well crafted. Without losing the edge or the angst. Without losing the essence of Fear Factory but they are well crafted songs. We are working on the album cover right now. We have really connected with artist Dave McKean, who did the album cover for Demanufacture and Obsolete, he is working on something. We have an album title that we are happy with which really represents a good Fear Factory title.”

Regarding the theme of the record, he offered:

“It’s based on science fiction, essentially futuristic concepts. It’s bringing the concept of man versus machine around again, but this time, the way I’m thinking about the machine is that it’s fully cognitive and fully understands where its place is and what it needs to do. So the machine has very human qualities now.”

Meanwhile, here’s what Cazares offered on what to expect musically from the album:

“You do wanna take it to new places but you never want to take it too far. Fear Factory is the band that always been the one that experiments a little here and there. From our very first record that came out in 1992 Soul of a New Machine there was a big jump between that record and Demanufacture and then we just had to take it somewhere different on Obsolete and then we took it somewhere different again on Digimortal.

Now when I re-entered the band, we took another big jump and we put out Mechanize and then we kind of wanted to go back a little bit and we did The Industrialist. Now this record, it’s probably going to be somewhere in between Demanufacture and Obsolete. It’s got the groovier darker elements of Obsolete but it has the fast riffing and the cold harshness from Demanufacture.”