Devin Townsend details new record Empath

Devin Townsend has scheduled his new full-length, titled Empath, for release on March 29th via InsideOut Music. Townsend said of the new effort:

“Hello everybody, this is Devin Townsend and I would like to formally announce that after almost a year and a half of working, I have finished Empath. Now this record has taken me down a lot of very interesting psychological and technical avenues and the process was documented from the very get-go by a series of documentary videos that I have done, that outline everything from the gestation of the idea to the actualisation of it, through all the existential ups and downs that went on.

As such this record is different to any record that I have released thus far, and trying to get people on board for what it is versus what it isn’t, I think needs to be dealt with in a different way. Stay tuned for the making of Empath – the video series.”

Townsend released a video announcement as well, see it below:

The effort will feature a number of guests which can be found below alongside the track listing and cover art. The record will be released on Limited 2 CD Digipak (including an entire disc of bonus material), Standard CD Jewelcase, Gatefold 180G 2LP Vinyl + CD + LP-booklet & as digital album. European pre-orders are available now here – though the 2LP+CD, signed booklet & t-shirt bundles have sold out. North American pre-orders are due to launch soon.

  • Mike Keneally
  • Morgan Ågren (Mats And Morgan, Frank ZappaFredrik Thordendal)
  • Anup Sastry (ex-Monuments/Periphery)
  • Samus Paulicelli (Decrepit BirthAbigail Williams)
  • Nathan Navarro
  • Elliot Desagnes
  • Steve Vai
  • Chad Kroeger (Nickelback)
  • Anneke Van Giersbergen
  • Ché Aimee Dorval
  • Ryan Dhale
  • Elektra Women’s Choir

Empath track listing:

  1. “Castaway”
  2. “Genesis”
  3. “Spirits Will Collide”
  4. “Evermore”
  5. “Sprite”
  6. “Hear Me”
  7. “Why”
  8. “Borderlands”
  9. “Requiem”
  10. “Singularity Part 1 – Adrift”
  11. “Singularity Part 2 – I Am I”
  12. “Singularity Part 3 – There Be Monsters
  13. “Singularity Part 4 – Curious Gods”
  14. “Singularity Part 5 – Silicon Scientists”
  15. “Singularity Part 6 – Here Comes The Sun”