Devilment – “Full Dark, No Stars” video

Devilment recently released a lyric video for their song “Full Dark, No Stars”. Frontman Dani Filth offered on the clip:

“The title for this song is taken from a Stephen King horror anthology, much as the title of our first album was lifted from a book by Clive Barker (The Great And Secret Show) though there is no correlation between the book and the song, other than it represents a bleak period; a state of wanton depression; an absence of being. It is, much like many songs on this album, about regaining the light, the overcoming of demons, and of triumphing over the immense shadow of fear itself.”

Devilment’s new album, Devilment II: The Mephisto Waltzes, is out now through Nuclear Blast. Purchase links below.

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