Details for Enslaved’s upcoming full-length E surface

While making the rounds online preparing some stories for your viewing pleasure I stumbled upon some information regarding progressive metallers Enslaved’s upcoming record E. The cover art and track listing have been revealed via Nuclear Blast’s webstore, where you can also pre-order the effort. The band tracked the album with producer Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios.

According to the pre-order page E consists of 6 tracks; with digipak and cassette versions featuring two bonus songs. One of the additional songs is a cover of “What Else Is There” by Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp. The effort is scheduled to hit stores on October 13th. Regarding E’s completion and the recording itself, frontman Grutle Kjellson said:

“I’m always psyched and proud when we have finished an album recording, and this is no exeption! It was a really exciting process this time, with the line-up change and everything, so although it wasn’t a dramatic change, the band dynamics were suddenly different. But, it was like a little re-boot, a fresh start so to speak. The studio sessions were great, and we all feel that we have done something truly amazing. We hope you’ll enjoy it. Ugh!”

More information (presumably some of which I just shared) is due on August 11th.

E track listing:

1. “Storm Son”
2. “The River’s Mouth”
3. “Sacred Horse”
4. “Axis Of The World’s”
5. “Feather’s Of Eolh”
6. “Hiindsiight”
7. “Djupet” *
8. “What Else Is There”
(Röyksopp cover) *

* = bonus tracks