Deserted Fear join the Century Media roster

Deserted Fear 1

Official press release:

Deserted Fear, one of the best and most talented death metal bands from Germany, have signed a worldwide deal with Century Media Records.

The band comments:

“Since the release of Kingdom of Worms things went really quick and fast: touring with Morbid Angel and Morgoth, a great festival summer and awesome headliner shows! Furthermore people started talking about us besides ‘the metal regulars’ tables’ and festival camping grounds. A question came to our minds: Who will release our next record? We’ve never even thought of having the opportunity to choose! No manager and no figures should speak when it came to the final decision. We trusted our guts and our new label is Century Media Records from Dortmund, Germany!”

Jens Prueter, head Of A&R Century Media Europe:

“My friends Heaven Shall Burn already told me a while ago that I should keep an eye on their fellow-countrymen from Thuringia (East Germany). It’s great to see that a young band with an almost Bolt-Thrower-like DIY attitude manages to still keep it underground while kicking major ass at bigger festivals like Party.San (their home base), Summer Breeze and Rock Hard Festival. We’ve never changed bands like Napalm Death, Aspyhx or Grave and I’m glad that also Deserted Fear trust us enough to let us help them grow while not watering them down. I’ve already heard the first demos of the upcoming album and know that they will conquer the throne of their Kingdom of Worms! Thanks, Deserted Fear and welcome to the family!”

Thuringia’s Deserted Fear have been crafting their vision passionately and mercilessly since 2008. Their debut album My Empire (2012) blew up a lot of dust, they are on their way to becoming one of the most important forces in the European metal scene. Deserted Fear combine the sound of Swedish death metal with US old school death metal to create their very own, modern sound, without losing heaviness and authenticity. Their latest album Kingdom of Worms, which was recorded in June and July 2014 once more at Eisensound Studio in Eisenberg (Thuringia/Germany) under the knife of guitarist Fabian Hildebrandt, was released in October 2014. Mixing and mastering duties have been handled by legendary Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, Witherscape, etc.), who put the finishing touches on Kingdom of Worms at Unisound Studio.

A new album will be released in early 2017. More details to follow.