Demon Lung issue lyric video for cover of Danzig’s “How The Gods Kill”

Band: Demon Lung
Song: “How The Gods Kill” (Danzig cover)
Album: Pareidolia EP
Release Date: February 23rd, 2018
Label: M-Theory Audio

Drummer Jeremy Brenton said of covering the song:

“Those early Danzig albums are obviously a major influence on us. ‘How The Gods Kill’ has a certain evilness to it that always set it apart, and we tried our best to do it justice. We spent a lot of time recording the song because it means so much and we wanted to pay tribute respectfully. Hopefully everyone can hear the love that we put into it!”


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  • Pareidolia track listing:

    1. “Lament Code”
    2. “Sour Ground”
    3. “Death Mask”
    4. “Pareidolia”
    5. “Pray For Rain”
    6. “The Road To Middian”
    7. “Captain Howdy”
    8. “How The Gods Kill”