Demon Hunter premiere video for new single “Died In My Sleep”

Seattle metallers Demon Hunter will be releasing their crowdfunded new album Outlive – their eighth overall – on March 31st through Solid State Records. The group recently debuted the music video for their new single “Died In My Sleep”, check it out below. Singer Ryan Clark said of it:

“The video treatment for ‘Died In My Sleep‘ was more about an overall vibe than a specific story. The goal was to strip the concept back to strictly performance, but still deliver something visually interesting. Instead of opting for the typical desaturated tones that have become synonymous with metal videos, we pulled inspiration from the vibrant colors found in many of our favorite videos and photographs from the ’90s — namely Nirvana’s video for ‘Heart-Shaped Box‘ and the album cover for Alice In ChainsFacelift.”

With ‘sleep’ being a running theme, we wanted to create a world that seemed unordinary — almost like a computer glitch-laden subconscious. We worked with Belief Agency to built a forest set on an indoor sound stage, and used projectors to cast colors and textures against the background and on the band members. It was a lot of fun to set up and just experiment with these layers.”

Head over to MerchNOW, iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon for pre-orders of Outlive. You can also check out the video for their previously released track “Cold Winter Sun”, also off the new record.

Outlive track listing:

1. “Trying Times”
2. “Jesus Wept”
3. “Cold Winter Sun”
4. “Died In My Sleep”
5. “Half As Dead”
6. “Cold Blood”
7. “One Step Behind”
8. “Raining Down”
9. “The End”
10. “One Less”
11. “Patience”
12. “Slight The Odds”

[via Loudwire]