Death Koolaid release video for new single “Kids”

Death Koolaid 1

London hardcore/punk outfit Death Koolaid have a new album titled Vol. 2, which is set to hit stores later this month on August 25th. A music video for the effort’s new single, “Kids”, has made its online debut via Idobi and can be seen below. The band said of the clip – which was directy by Brendan Cleaves and filmed by Heath McWalters:

“We wanted to make a video that was conceptually simple, but with a strong message – although we were keen not to completely spell it out for people. We try to make our videos as interesting as possible and this one is definitely our most out-there ideas; a bunch of terrified and bewildered children running away from what appears to be a backstreet place of worship. It’s basically a direct translation of our band’s philosophy, caricaturing the power of ideology, fear, and control.”

Pre-orders for Vol. 2 are now available on iTunes. The band’s previously released video for “Emmeline” can be seen below.

Vol. 2

1. “Mirror”
2. “Emmeline”
3. “20 Hours”
4. “General Erection”
5. “Kids”
6. “B.F.F.”
7. “Monkey 187”

Death Koolaid 3