Dawn Of Demise streaming The Suffering in full

Dawn Of Demise are streaming their new full-length The Suffering in its entirety. The record drops tomorrow, August 26th through Unique Leader. Pre-orders are still available and can be picked up at IndieMerch and Bandcamp.

The Suffering track listing:

1. “Sadistic Gratification”
2. “Destined To Suffer”
3. “The Suffering”
4. “Deride The Wretch”
5. “The Process Of Killing”
6. “Predation”
7. “Coercion Of The Victim”
8. “A Malignant Condition”
9. “Those Who Deserve My Wrath”
10. “As The World Dies”
11. “Deify The Outrageous”

Dawn Of Demise 2

[via No Clean Singing]