Darkest Hour debut “Enter Oblivion” music video

Band: Darkest Hour
Song: “Enter Oblivion”
Album: Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora
Release Date: March 10th, 2017
Label: Southern Lord Recordings

Frontman John Henry, who also directed the video, said of it:

“”I wanted to find a location that I felt would represent the nomadic theme of the song. When I came across Rainbow Basin outside of Barstow I immediately knew it was the right spot. There’s a real beauty about the bleakness and harshness of the desert which stands out as the true star of the video.”

Guitarist Mike Schleibaum adds:

“We chose the song ‘Enter Oblivion’ because it shows a different side of the album then we first presented. This song sits in the middle of the album and although it doesn’t crush with the same speed as the others it presents a depth that is all its own. The style of this song really allows for the band to breath sonically and the production of Kurt Ballou to really stand out on this track, especially in those drums! This is song for those who live outside of the borders of man and the laws of nature. For those who have found themselves in the act of constantly searching.”


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