Cripple Bastards release video for new track “Passi Nel Vuoto”

Band: Cripple Bastards
Song: “Passi Nel Vuoto”, “Non Coinvolto”, and “La Memoria Del Dolore”
Album: La Fine Cresce Da Dentro
Release Date: November 9th, 2018
Label: Relapse Records

Frontman Giulio The Bastard commented:

“The song ‘Passi Nel Vuoto’ (translated to ‘Steps Into The Void’) is a parallel between the annihilation of the individual lost in the most obtuse massification, induced to waste and sedated in his emotions, and the value of life increasingly low – reduced to being a cog in the consumer machine. The graphics of our new album La Fine Cresce Da Dentro are all unreleased pictures taken from the vaults of a crime magazine that existed from the 1950s through the ’90s, accessed from the archives of the criminal police based in Milano, Italy. In making this video we have chosen to alternate similar photos with scenarios of mass stratification and blind conformism. As the lyrics say, ‘What’s left is desolation / but it doesn’t make sense to realize it / it’s the weight of survival: how much you spend / how much you can cost.'”


  • La Fine Cresce Da Dentro track listing:

    1. “Suicidio Assistito”
    2. “Non Coinvolto”
    3. “La Memoria Del Dolore”
    4. “Passi Nel Vuoto”
    5. “Ombra Nell’ombra”
    6. “Due Metà In Un Errore”
    7. “Chiusura Forzata”
    8. “Dove Entra IL Coltello”
    9. “Crimine Contro l’immagine”
    10. “Narcolessia Emotiva”
    11. “Nervi In Guerra”
    12. “Sguardo Neutro”
    13. “Interrato Vivo”
    14. “Equilibrio Ansiogeno”
    15. “Quali Sentieri”
    16. “Decessi Per Cause Sconosciute”
    17. “Recidive”
    18. “Crociati Del Mare Interno”

    [via CVLT Nation]