Craft reissue Fuck The Universe and Void

Swedish black metal outfit Craft will be reissuing their acclaimed records Fuck The Universe (2005) and Void (2011) this spring. The records will be released in double LP, CD, and limited edition cassette formats on April 26th via Season Of Mist. Pre-orders are available now at the label’s webstore.

Fuck The Universe track listing:

  1. “Earth A Raging Blaze”
  2. “Thorns In The Planet’s Side”
  3. “Fuck The Universe”
  4. “Assassin 333”
  5. “Demonspeed”
  6. “Terni Exustæ: Queen Reaper”
  7. “Xenophobia”
  8. “The Suffering Of Others”
  9. “Destroyer All”
  10. “According To Him”
  11. “Principium Anguis”

Void track listing:

  1. “Intro (John’s Nightmare)”
  2. “Serpent Soul”
  3. “Come Resonance Of Doom”
  4. “The Ground Surrenders”
  5. “Succumb To Sin”
  6. “Leaving The Corporal Shade”
  7. “I Want To Commit Murder”
  8. “Bring On The Clouds”
  9. “Void”