COVE announce debut album We Were Once Lost, stream first single “An Honour”

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Official press release:

Hardcore newcomers COVE have announced their debut release: We Were Once Lost will be unveiled October 7th. The mini-album will feature 7 tracks, the first of which is available to stream now, hear “An Honour” here. Vocalist Sam King reveals of the track’s content:

“It’s about the hundreds of meaningless and purposeless wars and conflict humanity has enacted. People killing other, burning there homes willing to break their bones or even give their life just because ‘the man/the powers that be’ ordered them too.”

Completed by guitarists Ben Braizer and Pete Woolven, bassist Charlie Smith and drummer Jac Bowdery, the quintet chose the name COVE in order to steer away from the conventions of the heavy music world. King declares:

“It means we can sound however we want without tying us down to a genre – and it’s short and sweet.”

But how would they describe their sound as it stands? He continues:

“We’re all fans of songs that have groove, and for us that is all about a catchy riff that you can nod your head to, but makes you do that ‘ooooooh’ face when you hear it.”

Recorded with producer Oz Craggs at Hidden Track Studios, We Were Once Lost sees the Kent mob succeed in their aims of writing “heavy, riffy music, with big choruses that make you grab your friends in the middle of a mosh pit and sing along”. Featuring thudding, muscular grooves and stomp paired with ferocious roars aplenty, COVE’s debut is a post-metalcore powerhouse, evoking Ruin/Hollow Crown era-Architects, whilst also drawing from the gene pools of Defeater and While She Sleeps. Bruising riffs and urgent, desperate screams give way to moments of melodic, textured respite, before plunging back into the abyss again – COVE already leaps and bounds ahead of their would-be peers.

With lyrics covering such diverse themes as despising people, war, feeling lost and alone, and the desire to be creatively fulfilled, the band reveal the inspiration behind the release’s title:

“We felt like this summed up how each of us in the band had felt at one time for different situations – whether it be in our personal lives, work lives or band lives – and that felt like something a lot of other people could relate to. It is about not necessarily knowing the outcome of a decision, but having the guts to make it and see it through regardless; the beauty of risk taking.”

We Were Once Lost track listing:

1. “…”
2. “No Place”
3. “Dead Sea”
4. “Buried”
5. “Sonder”
6. “Found At Last”
7. “An Honour”

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