Conveyer issue “New Low” music video

Band: Conveyer
Song: “New Low”
Album: No Future
Release Date: June 23rd, 2017
Label: Victory Records

Drummer John Gaskill admits:

‘New Low’ is a unique song on the album, we feel it has a bit of a different energy and wanted the music video to really capture that energy. We wanted the video to have a grittiness to it and we are pleased with how it turned out.”

Frontman Danny Adams adds:

“This song is my way about talking out a struggle with social anxiety and accepting that I can only control what people think about me so much.”

Gaskill acknowledges:

“We’ve been hard at work to share our music with new people in new places, and we are so grateful for (Hed) P.E. giving us a chance to do just that. Touring Europe has been a goal of ours and to be able to spend our first visit there with such an experienced band is exciting. We are gonna give Europe everything we got. What a way to kick off 2018, No Future worldwide!”


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