Comess streaming new track “Decrepit”

Band: Comess
Song: “Decrepit”
Album: Botched & Flailed
Release Date: June 15th, 2018

Streaming exclusively via Decibel.

The band said of the new track:

“This abysmal track has to do with the destructive properties of mental illness; we fucking hate it so we wrote this track about it. Fuck stress. Bang your head.”

Botched & Flailed track listing:

1. “Vorkuta”
2. “Pit Dweller”
3. “Bitten”
4. “Toothskin”
5. “Disact”
6. “Stygian”
7. “Decrepit”
8. “Doomsaint”
9. “Serpenticost”
10. “Deracinate”
11. “Second Death”