Comeback Kid release “Hell Of A Scene” video

Band: Comeback Kid
Song: “Hell Of A Scene”
Album: Outsider
Release Date: September 8th, 2017
Label: Nuclear Blast/New Damage

The band said the following of the clip:

‘Hell Of A Scene’ was intended to be a song brighter in mood. We always had a laugh writing and playing this song in rehearsals, but it always felt right. One of my favorites on the new album. We shot this video in Aalborg, Denmark while on tour this last summer during some down time an afternoon before a show that night. It was very on the fly and spontaneous. Pleased to premiere it on our album release day.

To release our 6th studio album, with a fresh start on Nuclear Blast/New Damage is a significant moment for us. It really feels like we are starting a whole new chapter with the band. On this record we allowed ourselves to step outside the box a little more musically while still binding to the traditional Comeback Kid sound, resulting in what I think is our most dynamic material yet.”


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