Cloak & Dagger streaming new single “Ruin”

Cloak & Dagger are streaming a second single off their upcoming EP Balance titled “Ruin”. Guitarist Oliver Royer comments:

‘Ruin’ was created from a desire I had to write something stripped back in comparison to my normal writing style. No frills or fancy ornaments, just straight up heavy and hard hitting riffs. The appeal is in the simplicity. To me this lets the instruments fall into their respective pockets, allowing the vocals to really shine through.”

Vocalist Jordon Phoebe adds:

“Conceptually, ‘Ruin’ is about the apocalypse. The whole world is being torn apart and ancient monstrosities are being unearthed. Lyrically, there is a pervasive sense of helplessness and resignation to the end. This song is necessary within the structure of the EP to represent the lowest point- the point of giving up- which makes the eventual decision to go on living at the EP’s end all the more powerful.”

The song is set to appear on the band’s forthcoming EP Balance, which will be hitting stores later this year on Imminence Records.

[via Revolver]